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Dallas-Fort Worth was ranked 10th out of 250 cities in patent activity. Patents granted include: • Object Distribution During Image Tracking from 7-Eleven • Floor Diffusers from Air Distribution Technologies • Smart Healthcare Consultants from Alight Solutions • Vanishing Detection avalanches from BNSF • Cornerstone Automation Systems for Order Fulfillment Safe Portable Medicine Tanks • GHW Solutions’ Comprehensive Dry Flood Protection System Reduces Indoor Flood Risk • Globus Medical Interbody Fusion Implants • Lennox Refrigerant Leak Detection • Meadow Burke Lifting and Leveling Inserts for Precast Concrete plates • Raytheon vehicle charging architecture • Textron Innovations angle of attack computer flight control system • TouchPay Holdings machines and processes for managing service accounts
U.S. Patent #11,060,313 “Flood and Pest Control Systems and Methods” assigned to GHW Solutions, LLC.
Dallas Invents weekly reviews of US patents related to the Dallas-Fort Worth Arlington metro area. The list includes patents issued to local assigns and/or North Texas inventors. Patent activity can be an indicator of future economic growth, as well as the development of emerging markets and the attraction of talent. By tracking inventors and assignees in the region, we aim to provide a broader picture of inventive activity in the region. The list is compiled by the Joint Patent Classification (CPC).
A: Human needs 7 B: Operations, transportation 14 C: Chemistry, metallurgy 3 E: Stationary structures 9 F: Mechanical engineering, Lighting, Heating, Weapons
Texas Instruments Inc. (达拉斯) 18 Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America Inc. (Plano) 6 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR) 5 Textron Innovations Inc. (Providence, Rhode Island) 5 Bank of America Corp. (Charlotte, North Carolina) 4 International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, New York) 4 ATT Intellectual Property I, LP (Atlanta, Georgia) 3 7-Eleven, Inc. (Irving) 2 BNSF Railway Company (Fort Worth) 2
Carol Acedo (Fort Worth) 2Derek Scott Sanser (Denton) 2Hamid R. Sheikh (Allen) 2Ibrahim Peccuksen (Plano) 2John W. Glotzbach (Allen) 2Jori Sproul (Honey Grove) 2
Patent information provided by Joe Chiarella, founder of patent analysis firm Patent Index and publisher of The Inventiveness Index.
For more information on the patents issued below, please search the USPTO full text and image database of patents.
Inventor: John Theodore Ubben (Dallas, TX) Assignee: Unsigned Law Firm: No Attorney Application No., Date, Speed: 16443510 June 17, 2019 (application issued 757 days in advance)
Annotation: A wheeled suitcase with a seat is opened. In one embodiment, the seat base is attached to the upper surface of the suitcase and is offset from the handle of the foldable bag. The slot extends through the center base of the seat base and is designed to accept a handle attached to the suitcase. The pair of handles is offset from the base of the seat front and rear with an open gap between the pair of handles. The seat base allows the user (such as a child) to straddle wheeled luggage by swinging their legs over the suitcase to glide across the surface.
Inventors: Brian Roderman (Plano, TX), Justin Pendleton (Colonial, TX) Assignee: ELECTROLUX HOME PRODUCTS, INC. (Charlotte, NC) Law Firm: Moore Van Allen PLLC (6 non-local offices) Application #, Date, Rating: 16368963 March 29, 2019 (application issued for 837 days)
Summary: Mounting suspension structures can be installed between two intersecting walls forming a corner. The suspension structure may include a rod and a mounting assembly, wherein the rod includes a body with a curved portion extending between the first end and the second end, and a mounting assembly containing two latches. Each latch may include: (1) a base configured to be attached to one of the intersecting walls, (2) a flange extending from the base to receive the corresponding end of the rod, while the flange includes one or more retainers, an element configured to receive the end of the rod and prevent the rotation of the rod relative to the base, and (3) a casing configured to be connected to the base and containing an opening for receiving the end of the rod. The base and casing may include locking elements for connecting the casing to the base for installing the rod.
Inventors: Daniel Sukato (Dallas, TX), Hong Zhang (Plano, TX) Assignee: Globus Medical, Inc. (Audubon, PA) Law Firm: Fiduciary Application #, Date, Speed: 16274404 February 13, 2019 (881 days from app release)
Abstract: The present invention includes a pedicle screw made from a bone fastener and a rod connector including an upper rod connector: a lower rod connector having a transverse rod hole adapted to receive a permanent rod; and the corner hole extends into the cross bar. hole; a permanent rod retainer in the inclined hole for engaging the permanent rod with the transverse rod hole; the upper stem connection has an upper stem opening adapted to receive a temporary stem, wherein the upper stem hole is configured to receive a temporary stem attachment; in this case, the upper nail connector is disconnected from the lower nail connector at the transition, and the temporary nail is temporarily fixed in the upper hole of the nail during bone remodeling, and the permanent nail is located in the side hole of the nail and connected to the permanent attachment rod upon completion. Final alignment of the bone.
Inventors: James Sylvester Ratten, Jr. (Waterville, NY), Seyyed Mehdi Roane Peykar (Addison, TX) Assignee: Brius Technologies, Inc. (Carrollton, TX) Law Firm: Fortem IP LLP (1 non-local office) application number, date, speed: 16947860 August 20, 2020 (application issued for 327 days)
Summary: An orthodontic appliance and related systems and methods are disclosed here. In some embodiments, the present technology includes a positioning element capable of being positioned during placement of an orthodontic appliance in a patient’s mouth. The positioning element may include a first part configured to connect with the patient’s teeth and a second part extending from the first part. The second part can be made with the possibility of a removable connection with an orthodontic appliance. When the positioning member is connected to the orthodontic appliance, the positioning member is configured to be placed in the patient’s mouth and coupled to the patient’s teeth, thereby positioning the orthodontic appliance at the desired location adjacent to the patient’s oral anatomy.
[A61C] Dentistry; apparatus or methods for oral or dental hygiene (non-powered toothbrush A46B; dental preparations A61K 6/00; tooth brushing or oral care preparations A61K 8/00, A61Q 11/00)
Inventor: Randall F. Lee (Southlake, TX) Assignee: No Law Firm Named: No Attorney Application Number, Date, Speed: 17248943 Feb 13, 2021 (Application issued 150 days in advance)
Abstract: Systems and methods for the reception of bone structures using at least one non-threaded anchor and an implant having at least one hole are proposed, while the interaction of the anchor head with the implant hole causes the anchor to move relative to lateral movement to its original position. trajectory. This movement results in compression or separation of the bony structures connected to the anchor.
[A61F] Implantable vascular filters; artificial limbs; devices that provide patency or prevent the collapse of tubular body structures, such as stents; orthopedic, nursing or contraceptive devices; warming packs; treatment or protection of the eyes or ears; bandages, dressings or absorbent pad; first aid kit (prosthesis A61C) [2006.01]
Inventors: Brandon Lee Robey (Frisco, TX), Don Edward Muniz (Frisco, TX), Michael J. Doak (Frisco, TX) Assignee: Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (Frisco, TX) Law Firm: No attorney statement number, date , Speed: 16824299 March 19, 2020 (application issued for 481 days)
Abstract: One aspect of the present disclosure provides a drug dispensing system including a drug dispensing tank, a drug dispensing station, and a drug dispensing station. In one embodiment, the drug filling station includes a collapsible frame configured to hold the canister upside down and the top dispensing compartment upside down to receive the drug; and an air injection system including having a gas supply end and an air manifold outlet end and an offset pressure plate, the outlet end may be connected to the canister lock. the filling station includes a vibrating station configured to accommodate a canister; one or more optical scanners connected to the controller to read the identification data located on the canister, to identify the drug contained therein; and an air supply device to unlock the lock and open the tray. put the lid in the open position.
[A61J] Containers specially suited for medical or pharmaceutical use; devices or methods specially designed for the preparation of medicinal products in a specific physical or administrative form; oral food or medication devices; baby cots; saliva receiving devices
Inventor: Tiffany Carle (Dallas, Texas) Assignee: MARY KAY INC. (Addison, TX) LLP: Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP (local + 13 other cities) Application #, Date, Speed: 16267889 February 5, 2019 (889 days of application release)
Summary: A method is proposed for reducing inflammation in the skin or reducing the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. The method may include topical application to needy skin of a composition containing [i]guava[/i] fruit extract and [i]Kunzea ericoides[/i] leaf extract, wherein topical application of the composition reduces skin inflammation or sebum production. comes from the sebaceous glands.
[A61K] Preparations for medical, dental or toilet use (devices or methods specially adapted for the preparation of drugs into specific physical or administrative forms; chemical aspects or materials for air deodorization, disinfection or sterilization A61J 3/00 Use or for dressings, dressings materials, absorbent pads or surgical supplies A61L; soap composition C11D)
Inventor: S. Alex Afshin (Southlake, TX) Assignee: Unsigned law firm: Cramer Patent Design, PLLC (1 non-local office) Application #, Date, Speed: 16433423 in 2019 June 6, 2019 (768 days from publication applications) )
Abstract: A sprinkler head replacement assembly comprising a sprinkler head body assembly with a cover, a sprinkler head, a sprinkler head support assembly core, a plurality of gaskets, and a base. Sprinkler body assemblies allow the replacement of damaged buried sprinklers.
[B05B] Spray devices, spray devices, NOZZLES (spray mixer with nozzle B01F05/20; process for applying liquids or other fluid materials to surfaces by spraying B05D)[2]
Inventors: Allan Stanfield (Dallas, TX), John Loshinsky (Dallas, TX), Joseph Wayne Deskin (Dallas, TX), Preston Cray Smith (Dallas, TX), Ronnie Duane Phelps (Dallas, TX): Texas Nameplate Company, Inc. . (Dallas, TX) Law Firm: Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley Norton, LLP (Location Not Found) Application Number, Date, Speed: 15809059 dated 10 11/2017 (1341 days prior to application issuance)
Abstract: Disclosed is a system and method for removing residues, deposits and debris from substrates that have been marked during a chemical etching process. The system includes one or more top ejectors that apply a cleaning solution to the top surface of the product as the product passes under one or more top ejectors. The system also includes at least one top brush for cleaning the top surface of the article after the cleaning solution has been applied to the top surface of the article. The system further includes one or more bottom atomizers and bottom brushes to clean the bottom surface of the product as it passes through the system. The system also includes an air knife system to help dry the product before it leaves the system. The system also includes a controller for adjusting various parameters of the system.
[B08B] General cleaning; General rules for the prevention of scale formation (Brushes A46; Household or similar cleaners A47L; Separation of particles from liquids or gases B01D; Separation of solid particles B03, B07; General rules for spraying or applying liquids or other fluid materials to surfaces B05. ; Cleaning equipment conveyor B65G 45/10; Simultaneous cleaning, filling and capping of bottles B67C 7/00; General protection against corrosion or scale formation C23; Cleaning of streets, permanent walkways, beaches or ground cleaning E04H 4/16; preventing or discharging static charge H05F)
Inventors: Richard A. Heidelberger (Dallas, TX), Sean D. Winnard (Dallas, TX) Assignee: Mechanic’s Time Savers, Inc. (Dallas, TX) Law Firm: Booth Albanesi Schroeder PLLC (Local) Application Number, Date, Speed: 16888702 May 30, 2020 (Applied for 409 days)
Summary: A nest organizer is provided for the removable holding of the nest holder. The organizer has many friction-fit pins on which the socket is attached.
Inventors: Matthew B. Talpis (Austin, TX), Robert L. Piccioni (Rowlett, TX) Assignee: Safe-T-Arm, LLC (Rowlett, TX)) Law Firm: Grable Martin Fulton PLLC (local + 1 other city) Application number, date, speed: 15727603 dated 10/07/2017 (application is issued for 1375 days)
Abstract: A system for processing remote objects, including a car with a front. The hinged lever has a first end and a second end different from the first end, the lever is connected to the front part at the first end and has at least one hinge located between the first end and the second end. The gripping element is releasably connected to the second end, the gripping element being a pliers, a handheld device having at least three fingers, or a spatula. The chamber is also connected to the second end. The manipulator controller is located inside the vehicle and is designed to control the operation of the manipulator, manipulator and camera, and the video interface is connected to the camera, which is designed to display the output data from the camera.
[B25J] Manipulators; chambers equipped with handling equipment (robots for the individual picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, etc. A01D 46/30; needle manipulators for surgery A61B 17/062; manipulators associated with rolling mills B21B 39/20; manipulators associated c forging machines B21J 13/10; devices for holding wheels or parts thereof B60B 30/00; cranes B66C; devices for moving fuel or other materials used in nuclear reactors G21C 19/00; manipulators and radiation protection compartments or rooms Structural combination G21F 7/06) [5]
Device and method for transferring drawings from general-purpose surfaces to finished packaging. Patent No. 11059185.
Inventors: Corey Burns (Dallas, TX), Darin James Baylor (Georgetown, TX), Kevin L. Kot (Allen, TX) Assignee: Frito-Lay North America, Inc. (Plano, TX) Law Firm: Barnes Thornburg LLP (local + 12 other metros) Application #, Date, Speed: 14506340 dated 03/10/2014 (2475 days to issue application)
Annotation: Device and method for transferring drawings from typical surfaces to final packaging. The device includes an end effector for the template transfer robot. The end effector includes a pressed plate having extruded slats spaced apart to form openings between the extruded slats. The common surface includes the walls of the fingers with the planks of the wall of the fingers spaced from each other to form openings between the planks of the wall of the fingers. The portion of the extruded slats is sized to fit between the portion of the slats of the mating finger walls.
[B25J] Manipulators; chambers equipped with handling equipment (robots for the individual picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, etc. A01D 46/30; needle manipulators for surgery A61B 17/062; manipulators associated with rolling mills B21B 39/20; manipulators associated c forging machines B21J 13/10; devices for holding wheels or parts thereof B60B 30/00; cranes B66C; devices for moving fuel or other materials used in nuclear reactors G21C 19/00; manipulators and radiation protection compartments or rooms Structural combination G21F 7/06) [5]
Inventors: Luke A. McKean (Ann Arbor, MI), Peter J. Moegling (Whitmore Lake, MI), Vikas Bhatia (South Lyon, MI) Assignee: Toyota Motor Engineering Manufacturing North America, Inc. Law Firm. (Plano, TX): Dinsmore Shohl LLP (14 non-local offices) Application #, Date, Speed: 15982241 May 17, 2018 (1153 days to issue application)
Abstract: The vehicle includes a cab and a passenger seat assembly located inside the cab. The passenger seat assembly includes a base support assembly attached to the cabin floor and including walls forming a storage compartment. The seat is supported by the base support assembly. The seat includes a seat back frame with one or more cushions supported thereon. The seat base frame supports one or more cushions forming the seat base. The seat chassis is made of polymer plastic as a one-piece one-piece construction. The seat base has a seating portion and a raised portion in front of the seating portion. The height of the raised part above the seating part increases to the top where the distance from the floor increases.
Inventor: Mitchell Beard (Shoney, Kansas). Assignee: BNSF Railway Company (Fort Worth, Texas) Law Firm: Whitaker Chalk, PLLC (Location Not Found) Application Number, Date, Velocity: 16924694 dated 07/09/2020 (369- day of application release)
Abstract: An impact detection tower is disclosed that provides a reliable method for detecting avalanches, including maintenance and monitoring of railway systems. The avalanche detection system may include a plurality of collision detection towers, including sensors, in operative communication with a gateway configured to use data sent by the sensors to determine if an avalanche has occurred. The gateway can be operatively connected to a human-machine interface to facilitate system monitoring by railway engineers.
[B61L] Direction of rail traffic; railway traffic safety (brakes or accessories B61H, B61K; switch or cross structures E01B)
Inventors: David G. Carlson (North Richland Hills, TX), Douglas C. Wolfe (Denton, TX), George Ryan Decker (Mansfield, TX), James Everett Quiman (Fort Worth, TX) Assignee: Textron Innovations Inc . (Providence, Rhode Island) Law Firm: Lightfoot Alford PLLC (1 non-local office) Application #, Date, Speed: 15870977 January 14, 2018 (Application issued in 1276 days)
Abstract: Torque box rib includes upper rib cover, configured to be connected to upper wing skin, lower rib cover, configured to be connected to lower wing skin, rear end of front wing strut, configured to be connected to front spars, rear struts , configured to connect to the rear spar of the wing, and rib walls configured to connect to the upper and lower ribs, front and rear struts.
Inventors: Andrew Maresh (Lewisville, TX), Christopher Edward Fosky (Keller, TX) Assignee: Bell Textron Inc. (Fort Worth, TX) Law Firm: Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley Norton, LLP (Address Not Found) Application Number, Date , Speed: 02/10/2019 16590618 (650 days to process application)
Abstract: A typical original blade assembly includes a structural skin spanning from root to tip and a chord from leading edge to trailing edge, and a structural core within the structural skin, the structural skin includes the orientational hexagonal structure of conventional structural skin.

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