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Wikifactory, an online physical product co-creation platform, has raised $2.5 million in pre-Series A funding from existing shareholders and new investors, including Lars Seier Christensen’s investment firm Seier Capital. This brings Wikifactory’s total funding to date to nearly $8 million.
Wikifactory allows developers, designers, engineers, and startups from all over the world to collaborate, prototype, and create real-time hardware solutions to solve real-world problems.
The company is working to create the Internet of Manufacturing, a new concept of distributed, interoperable, open standards-based systems that integrates product definitions, software services, and manufacturing as a service (MaaS) solutions.
Currently, more than 130,000 product developers from over 190 countries use the platform to build robots, electric vehicles, drones, agricultural technology, sustainable energy equipment, laboratory equipment, 3D printers, smart furniture and biotechnology. Fashion materials as well as medical equipment. .
The latest round of funding will be used to develop a manufacturing market that was launched earlier this year. The marketplace represents an additional source of income for Wikifactory by providing an online solution for anyone, anywhere to prototype and manufacture equipment.
It offers online quotes, global shipping and faster production times for CNC machining, sheet metal, 3D printing and injection molding with over 150 materials and presets from global and local manufacturers.
Wikifactory has grown rapidly since its beta launch in 2019, and as of this year, the company has raised over $5 million in seed funding and more than doubled its user base.
The company then launched one of its current flagship products, a collaborative CAD tool used by startups, SMBs and enterprises to enable product developers of all skill levels in virtually any industry to explore over 30 file formats, view and discuss 3D models. Real-time, whether at work, at home or on the go. “Google Docs for Hardware”.
Lars Seier Christensen of Seier Capital said: “Manufacturing is moving online, and with it comes opportunities for new players.
“Wikifactory is poised to become the platform of choice for developing and manufacturing physical products, and in a multi-trillion dollar industry, the opportunity to disrupt the entire value chain from design to manufacturing is staggering.
“Partnering with my current Concordium Blockchain project will help create a secure environment where all participants can identify themselves and protect their intellectual property.”
Nicolai Peitersen, Danish co-founder and executive chairman of Wikifactory, said: “Wikifactory is hard at work building a bold, all-online alternative to the fragile global supply chain model.
“We are very excited that our investors want our vision to become a reality and their experience will help us. For example, Lars Seijer Christensen will bring his blockchain experience to the real world of manufacturing.
“We are in a strong position to go mainstream and their knowledge and experience will enable us to enter new opportunities and markets in manufacturing and supply chain management.”
The Copenhagen Wikifactory is building new partnerships across Europe to promote open innovation and reimagine the future of product collaboration.
The company partnered with OPEN!NEXT in a 36-month project that enabled small and medium-sized enterprises in seven European countries to build communities with consumers and manufacturers to revolutionize the way products are developed, manufactured and distributed.
As part of the partnership, Wikifactory is launching a new phase involving 12 SMEs in consumer electronics, custom furniture and green mobility to facilitate the hardware development process in one space, all online.
One such innovative project is Manyone, a strategic design firm with offices around the world that is exploring augmented reality and ways to use the power of collaboration to develop augmented reality devices for the future of augmented experiences.
In addition, Wikifactory has partnered with the Danish Additive Manufacturing Centre, the national contact for additive manufacturing in Denmark.
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Post time: Sep-23-2022