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Good news!

On 9th November 2021, the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science & Technology released the list of 13th batch of scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sichuan Province in 2021. Illumaxbio was successfully selected into the database and our registration number is 2021510115A0013979.


What is National Science and Technology SMEs Database?
It refers to the small and medium-sized enterprises that have a certain number of scientific and technological personnel engaged in scientific and technological research and development activities in the enterprise, and obtain independent intellectual property rights to transform them into high-tech products or services, thereby achieving sustainable development.

Members of the National Science and Technology SMEs Database are recognized by the National Science and Technology Department for their professional ability, scientific research ability and innovation ability, and they will receive special support in the field of science and technology.


About illumaxbio and its star product
The core team of illumaxbio has been dedicated to in vitro diagnostics for many years, and they strive to become a global POCT innovator in the next 10 years.

Lumilite 8 , the star product of illumaxbio, adopts self-developed bead separation system & intelligent single photon counting module, which ensures highly accurate and precision results (CV≤5%) while minimizing the production costs. With Only 12kg and 3-step easy operation, it provides easy to use point-of-care solutions outside the core lab, providing immediate results and thus allowing treatment decisions to be made more quickly – inside or outside the hospital.

As a a portable and advanced device (only 12kg), it could analyze a single sample, on a single run, on a single instrument. In this way, we offer high-class POC devices for clinical, which meet the guidelines of the world health organization, which are known using the acronym, ASSURED, comprising characteristics such as, (i) affordable, (ii) sensitive, (iii) specific, (iv) user-friendly, (v) rapid/robust, (vi) equipment-free or minimal equipment, and (vii) delivered and available to those with the greatest need.


We offer OEM & ODM solutions and comprehensive tests such as cardiac, inflammation,fertility,thyroid and tumor marks. We also provide one-stop products and services from instrument customization, reagent matching, CDMO to product registration.

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Post time: Nov-09-2021