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Lumilite 8 POCT CLIA System

Lumilite 8 delivers lab-quality results at the point of care with the speed needed to enable rapid decision making for better patient care. It has a broad test menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test ready-to-use format. With only cola height, it is widely used in ambulances, cardiology, emergency, CPC, ICU, clinic, , field troops…

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Lumilite 8 is a 25cm, easy to use, bench-top chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer providing affordable, core-lab quality results from whole blood/serum/plasma samples in under 15 minutes. A broad menu of tests to support better differentiation from a single sample, on a single run, on a single instrument.

With the flexibility to run up to 8 tests simultaneously, and self-developed bead separation system & intelligent single photon counting module, Lumilite 8 ensures highly accurate and precision results (CV≤5%).

With Only 12kg and 3-step operation, Lumilite 8 provides easy to use point-of-care solutions outside the core lab, providing immediate results and thus allowing treatment decisions to be made more quickly – inside or outside the hospital.

Product Features

1.Sample types: run whole blood/plasma/serum samples, no sample preparation, no manual dilutions.
2.Rapid turnaround time: It can run 8 simultaneous tests in under 15 minutes, and up to 32 tests per hour.
3.Flexibility : perform any of the assays - from 1 to 8 tests per run.
4.Broad menu: over 100 parameters available in single-test ready-to-use format.
5.Light weight: only 12kg.
6.On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result, ready-to-use reagents.
7.Cost effective: no liquid, no consumable, no carryover, minimum maintenance.


Measuring principle Chemiluminescence enzyme immunoassay technology (CLIA)
Throughput 32 T/H
Sample type whole blood/ serum/ plasma
Reaction temperature 37℃
Display 8'  touch screen
Electrical requirements AC100-240V
Reagent scanner Intergrated
Sample scanner Intergrated
Thermal printer Intergrated
Interface USB*2、RJ45
Dimension(W*D*H) 228*385*256mm
Weight 12kg

Product Description

The POCT CLIA System lumilite 8 is a quantitative and accurate immunoassay analysis system. It utilizes the ALP enzymatic cheminluminescence system which is easy to operate and fast to measure. It adopts self-developed versatile magnetic bead separation technology and intelligent single photon counting module to minimize interference and greatly improves the precision of detection.

Product Application

Lumilite 8 is only cola height with precision results, so it is widely used in ambulances, cardiology, emergency, CPC, ICU, clinic, , field troops...

Product Details



Software define immunoassay
Handle complicated workflow easily
Better adaptability than tranditional CLIA system



Versatile bead separation
Automatic Pierce
Precise sample adding
Efficient bead separation
Magnetic beads mixing



Automatic optical inspection
Identify anomalies through the AI visual to guarantee the reliability of system



Over the air
​Remote maintenance and upgrade



Intelligent single photon counting module



Develpoed with newest technology
Wide linear
Low noise
Integrated Shutter
Built-in correction algorithm

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