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From 2th to 4th November 2022, the 14th East and West Small Animal Veterinary Canference is successfully held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center!


Illumax, together with Lumilite V8, single-dose reagent strips and consumables, made its debut at booth D7 of Hall A3, attracting many guests to visit and consultation. This exhibition is our first attempt in the animal field. Thanks to your recognition, we will continue to strive to optimize our products and provide customers with one-stop 5A service (Anytime. Anyplace. Anyone. Affordable. Accuracy)

Product Introduction


The automated CLIA point-of -care system will lead animal diagnosis into the era of Chemiluminescence. Compared with colloidal gold and immunofluorescence, the detection result of chemiluminescence method is more accurate. Our equipment can deal with routine and high-end tests, and support whole blood, serum and plasma testing by the pet hospital without sending it to the laboratory.

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Illumaxbio, founded in August 2018, is committed to achieving the whole chain control through core innovation and providing cost-effective clinical immunoassay and molecular diagnostic systems for clinic. Illumabio strive to become an innovator in the global in vitro diagnosis segment in the next 10 years.

 About Illumax

The Illumaxbio animal medical team has been working in the IVD industry for many years, with strong research & development ability and industrialization ability, we will provide customers with 5A (Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone, Affordable, Accuracy) products.  Lumilite V8 supports a variety of high-end tests. It does not need to send samples to the lab, and the results will be available in 15 minutes. And we have an industrialization base of nearly 4000 square meters in Chengdu International Medical City. We will keep focusing on clinical needs to promote value innovation and provide customers with highly competitive products and services. At the same time, we adhere to open cooperation and can provide one-stop products and services from instrument customization, reagent matching, CDMO to product registration.

We offer OEM & ODM solutions and comprehensive tests such as cardiac, inflammation,fertility,thyroid and tumor marks. We also provide one-stop products and services from instrument customization, reagent matching, CDMO to product registration.

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