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Assay Kit(Chemiluminescent Immunoassay)

Chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) is a widely used detection method which combines the highly-sensitive chemiluminescence assay with highly-specific immune response and affinity of antibodies.
Currently, CLIA is the latest to be developed and the most advanced immunoassay technology. Since its initial assay development, CLIA became a mature and advanced ultra-sensitive detection technology enabling the detection of trace amounts of analytes. The advantages of CLIA mainly include high sensitivity and specificity , high stability of reagents, rapid detection and simple operation.

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Assay Kit (CLIA)

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Cardiac: BNP/NT-proBNP/MYO/hs-cTnl/CK-MB/H-FABP/D-Dimer/cTnl/Lp-PLA2
Inflammation: PCT/IL-6
Prenatal screening: AFP/free-β-HCG/PAPP-A
Anemia:Folate(FA)/Vitamin B12/Fer
Glyco metabolism:C-peptide/Insulin
Bone metabolism: hGH/25-OH-VD/PTH
Tumor markers: AFP/CEA/β2 MG/CA15-3/CA50/CA19-9/CA125/CA72-4/NSE/β-HCG/SCC/CYFRA21-1/PG I/PG II/HE4/CA242/proGRP/G17/Fer/PIVKA-ll/HER2

Simple Procedure

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