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Cardiac Markers – Troponin I

Immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of cTnI(troponin I Ultra) concentration in human whole blood, serum and plasma. Measurements of cardiac troponin I are used in the diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction and as an aid in the risk stratification of patients with acute coronary syndromes with respect to their relative risk of mortality.

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Troponin is a regulatory protein on muscle fibers in muscle cells, which mainly regulates the relative sliding between thick and thin muscle filaments during myocardial contraction. It is composed of three subunits: troponin T (TNT), troponin I (TNI) and troponin C (TNC). The expression of the three subtypes in skeletal muscle and myocardium is also regulated by different genes. The content of cardiac troponin in normal serum is much lower than that of other myocardial enzymes, but the concentration in cardiomyocytes is very high. When the myocardial cell membrane is intact, cTnI cannot penetrate the cell membrane into the blood circulation. When myocardial cells undergo degeneration and necrosis due to ischemia and hypoxia, cTnI is released into the blood through damaged cell membranes. The concentration of cTnI begins to rise 3-4 hours after the occurrence of AMI, peaks at 12-24 hours, and continues for 5-10 days. Therefore, the determination of cTnI concentration in blood has become a good indicator for the observation of the efficacy of reperfusion and reperfusion in AMI patients. cTnI not only has strong specificity, but also has high sensitivity and long duration. Therefore, cTnI can be used as an important marker to assist in the diagnosis of myocardial injury, especially acute myocardial infarction.

Major Components

Microparticles(M): 0.13mg/ml Microparticles coupled with anti troponin I ultra antibody
Reagent 1(R1): 0.1M Tris buffer
Reagent 2(R2): 0.5μg/ml Alkaline phosphatase labeled antitroponin I ultra
Cleaning solution: 0.05% surfactant、0.9% Sodium chloride buffer
Substrate: AMPPD in AMP buffer
Calibrator(optional): Troponin I ultra antigen
Control materials(optional): Troponin I ultra antigen


1.Components are not interchangeable between batches of reagent strips;
2.See the calibrator bottle label for calibrator concentration;
3.See the control bottle label for the concentration range of controls.

Storage And Validity

1.Storage: 2℃~8℃, avoid direct sunlight.
2.Validity: unopened products are valid for 12 months under specified conditions.
3.Calibrators and controls after dissolving can be stored for 14 days in 2℃~8℃ dark environment.

Applicable Instrumen

Automated CLIA System of Illumaxbio (lumiflx16、lumiflx16s、lumilite8、 lumilite8s).

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