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Cardiac Markers – hs-cTnI

Immunoassay for the in vitro quantitative determination of cTnI(troponin I Ultra) concentration in human whole blood, serum and plasma. Measurements of cardiac troponin I are used in the diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction and as an aid in the risk stratification of patients with acute coronary syndromes with respect to their relative risk of mortality.

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High-Sensitivity Troponin I Assays



24 strips/box、48 strips/box

Test Principle

Microparticle chemiluminescence immunoassay sandwich principle.

Add sample, analytical buffer, microparticles coated with troponin I ultra antibody, alkaline phosphatase-labeled troponin I ultra antibody into the reaction tube for mixed reaction. After incubation, different sites of troponin I ultra antigen in the sample bind to troponin I ultra antibody on the magnetic beads and troponin I ultra antibody on alkaline phosphatase markers respectively to form a solid-phase antibody antigen enzyme labeled antibody complex. The substances bound to the magnetic beads are adsorbed by the magnetic field, while the unbound enzyme labeled antibodies and other substances are washed away. Then it is mixed with chemiluminescent substrate. The luminescent substrate emits photons under the action of alkaline phosphatase. The amount of photons generated is directly proportional to the concentration of troponin I ultra in the sample. Through the calibration curve of concentration-photon quantity, the concentration of cTnI in the sample can be calculated.

Major Components

Microparticles(M): 0.13mg/ml Microparticles coupled with anti troponin I ultra antibody
Reagent 1(R1): 0.1M Tris buffer
Reagent 2(R2): 0.5μg/ml Alkaline phosphatase labeled anti troponin I ultra antibody
Cleaning solution: 0.05% surfactant、0.9% Sodium chloride buffer
Substrate: AMPPD in AMP buffer
Calibrator(optional): troponin I ultra antigen
Control materials(optional): troponin I ultra antigen


1.Components are not interchangeable between batches of reagent strips;
2.See the calibrator bottle label for calibrator concentration;
3.See the control bottle label for the concentration range of controls;

Storage And Validity

1.Storage: 2℃~8℃, avoid direct sunlight.
2.Validity: unopened products are valid for 12 months under specified conditions.
3.Calibrators and controls after dissolved can be stored for 14 days in 2℃~8℃ dark environment.

Applicable Instrument

Automated CLEIA System of Illumaxbio(lumiflx16、lumiflx16s、lumilite8、lumilite8s).

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